Bosnia & Hercegovina – Top 5 Essentials

Here are my top recommendations for Bosnia & Hercegovina:

  • Enjoy some rahat lokum (Bosnian sweets, much like Turkish Delight)
  • Check out Islamic culture and the Turkish souvenir shops while strolling along the old cobblestone streets of Mostar

Looking for the perfect hookah?

  • Drink some Turkish coffee (Move over lattes, this stuff is strong as sh*t!)
  • Eat some Bosnian meats, grilled and served up with hot ajvar, a delicious relish made from peppers and eggplant. Milk and meat are Bosnia’s principal agricultural outputs.

Tasty Bosnian grill.!

  • Drive through the countryside, and marvel at its mountainous backdrop and blue-green rivers.

The Neretva River cuts through the countryside around Mostar.

  • Watch crazy people jump off a bridge! A local tradition that continues today is to jump off the Old Mostar Bridge. Even after the bridge had been bombed in the 1990s, contestants jumped off of what remained. Brings new meaning to the saying “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?”Apparently, in Bosnia & Hercegovina, the answer is YES!

Adventurous I am…but not enough to jump off a bridge!


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