Croatian Food

Sampling the fine Croatian food was one of the highlights of my visit. The cuisine is absolutely delicious. Because of their long coastline, seafood is prominent. But, meats and cheeses are also plentiful. Fresh figs and pomegranates, ruby red ripe tomatoes, basil. I really liked this black risotto dish made with squid ink. And…I cannot say more about how divine their olives and olive oil are. If it weren’t for the airline restrictions on liquids, I would have packed my carry-on full of the stuff!

Here are some of my favorites, along with some pictures to get you salivating:

croatian food Copyright Kristen Gill Photography

prosciutto, cheese, tomatoes, olives

croatian food Copyright Kristen Gill Photography

shrimp with olive oil and garlic

croatian food Copyright Kristen Gill Photography

palacinke (pronounced “pala chink eh”): pancakes filled with chocolate and walnuts

croatian food Copyright Kristen Gill Photography


Would you like to try your hand at some Croatian cooking? Check out this site for some free recipes!

Eat up, and adventure on!


3 thoughts on “Croatian Food

  1. Mmmmmmmmm, gelato! Someday, when I’m ridiculously rich, I’m going to travel the world in search of the perfect gelato. I hope we’re still the bestest of friends so you can take that trip with me.

    So far I’ve sampled it in every country I could find it. Although there were more flavors in Italy, the best I’ve had was in Nice, France.

    I’m not real brave when it comes to seafood, but I like just about anything that involves olives.

    You remain my cuisine & traveling heroine,


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