Stars in Seattle


This may not be Hollywood…but Seattle has her fair share of stars.

Although more well-known for its rain than its movie stars, today is a different day.

Rain = no. Movie stars = yes.

And, since this movie is called “Traveling”, I thought it apropos to write about on my travel blog.

I went down to Pike Place Market, as I often do, to have lunch. First off I noticed a lot more people than usual, and secondly I noticed all the camera equipment, lighting, rigs, walkie-talkies, and other stuff required to shoot a film (sunglasses apparently being high on the list). Wow, this industry employs a lot of people!

Turns out I happened to know one of those people…a camera person…so was able to be “on set” and chit chat with the body-double of Jennifer Aniston. The other actor on scene was none other than one of my all-time favorites: Aaron Eckhart! (Anyone else love “Thank You for Smoking“?)

I did find it ironic that they had to wet down the streets in between shots to deliver the sheen necessary to replicate the “typical” (or should I say “stereotypical”) Seattle setting.

Check out my friend (and photojournalist extraordinaire) Meryl Schenker/Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s photos here:

Adventure on (Take 2…and…cut!),


3 thoughts on “Stars in Seattle

  1. This was an inspiring blog. I did not realize that Seattle had so much to offer. So what is the movie about?

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