Dalai Lama in Seattle


(Seattle, Washington) The Dalai Lama is in Seattle for a 5-day gathering called “Seeds of Compassion“. Both spiritual leader and head of state of Tibet, His Holiness arrives in Seattle at a critical time, especially after protests in San Francisco during the Olympic Torch‘s global tour, its one and only stop in North America.

According to the Seeds of Compassion web site (http://www.seedsofcompassion.org/), the event will explore how to nurture and empower children, families, and communities to be compassionate members of society.

There is a concert tonight featuring Dave Matthews, who is well-known for his commitment to social, environmental, and charitable causes.

Let’s all try to remember to be compassionate today…while we travel…and in our everyday lives.

Adventure on,


One thought on “Dalai Lama in Seattle

  1. Hmmm, it’s already April 12th and I’m hoping I was compassionate -at least for a moment- sometime yesterday.


    The last time I saw Dave Matthews was with YOU!!! Beyond his charitable causes…..the man puts on a really good show!

    Travel well and treat the world to your smile…..it’s one of the best.


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