Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

In honor of the day, I thought I’d post a few photos of some of my favorite places in the world. It’s a big, beautiful world, and I feel so lucky to have seen so many parts of it.







What are some of your favorite spots on this earth? Add a comment!

Adventure on, and let’s keep Mother Earth happy! Do something green today!


6 thoughts on “Earth Day

  1. My favorite spots on earth? The answer to that isn’t as simple as listing places. My favorite place depends heavily upon my mood. If I want to be nostalgic then it’s the Cape Ann or Cape Cod sections of Massachusetts. If I’m feeling particularly suave then it’s Monaco, Monte Carlo……where I’ll be content to be the Ugly American. If the mood is simply to ride a motorcycle and clear my mind then the Pacific Northwest corner of the United States is without-a-doubt the best place to be. (Spirit Lake Highway, to be exact) Feel free to peruse the website link shown for images of some of these places….and many others.

  2. Change is a positive constant!

    I read a blog today. Kristen’s impassioned words about travel and life. It made me giggle, and smile, the rawness of her feeling, the desire of expression shared to find meaning in her souls calling.

    Laozi came to mind.

    “Great I call the elusive. The elusive I call the far. The far I call the returning.”

    We construct our days, bit by bit, week by week, year by year. Our lives take on a routine, and then we bemoan that routine. Predictability, it seems, is a double –edged blade of comfort and boredom. Contentment, we long for it, we build it, and when we find it, we reject it.
    Because while change is not always growth, growth is always rooted in change!
    A finished person, like a finished house, is a static thing. Pleasant, perhaps, or beautiful or admirable, but not for long exciting! Boring even!
    Yet a select few step past this and when life seems perfect seek to abandon it all and step into a world of adventure, because inside they know they must seek to grow.
    Not all people are processed of such spirit. Some desire and cling to the comfort of routine, to the surety that comes with the completion of the construction of life’s details. On a smaller scale they become wedded to their daily routines. They become enamored of the predictability. They calm their restless souls in the confidence that they have found their place in the multiverse that things are the way they are supposed to be, that there are no roads left to explore and no reason to wander.
    On a larger scale, such people become fearful and resentful – sometimes to extremes that defy logic – of anyone or anything that intrudes on that construct for they fear change, something that infringes upon the construct of their lives, threatens their understanding of the way things are, threatens the way things are supposed to be.
    That is the line we all straddle, between comfort and adventure. There are those who find satisfaction, even fulfillment, in the former, there are those who are forever seeking.

    Kristen is forever seeking and I once more giggled!

  3. What wonderful shots! Favorite place on earth…jeez, Chile, Victoria BC for its beauty and romance, Argentina for it’s people and ice cream. Monterey cause I’m a Northern California Girl…dotto for SF. I guess I need to just keep exploring and fine some new favorite places!

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