Typhoid Fever in Da Fridge



I have Typhoid fever in my fridge!

The oral vaccine (Vivotif) contains a live but weakened strain of the Salmonella bacteria that causes typhoid fever. This is the first of many vaccines that I will need to take before my journey to SE Asia.

Typhoid fever remains a major health problem in the developing world and continues to cause disease in Europe and on the American continent. Increasing resistance to antibiotics in recent decades has hampered efforts of clinicians to cure typhoid fever, indicating that typhoid fever will remain a major health problem for the foreseeable future.

I am slowly beginning to understand just how healthy North America is compared to the rest of the developing world, and how lucky I am to have my health. This I will not take for granted.

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3 thoughts on “Typhoid Fever in Da Fridge

  1. Wow – I’m surprised your taking this vaccine! I don’t think I’ve know anyone who’s ever taken it.

    Specifically what country has your doctor recommended this for?

  2. You can check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) web site for specific vaccine information and other health information by country.


    It’s always a good idea to have a medical consult before travelling, as things are always changing. For example, certain times of year are more at risk than other times of year for spreading certain diseases, and certain areas (rural) are also more at risk than others. So, it depends on where/when/how long you are going.

  3. Kristen is so right as things are always changing out there on our big spinning stone. I also know that the threat of scurvy is particularly high this season. Please make sure you add a lemon or lime to all of your alcoholic beverages while traveling!

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