Today I join bloggers everywhere to write about POVERTY. Collectively we hope to raise awareness and excite our readers to action. There are things each one of us can do to help eliminate poverty in our lifetimes.

I met this little Vietnamese girl on a trek through the mountains in Sapa, a hill town near the Chinese border.  She walked alongside me, curious and barefooted. When I stopped to take her picture, she looked like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. It certainly made me stop to think of all that I had as a child growing up, and how lucky I was. I felt honored to have had time with this girl, not just for her company, but for what she gave me to take home. Not a thing, but a feeling.

At this time I urge you to let go of the things, follow your thoughts, and put them into action!

Click here to learn about What One Person Can Do.

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