My Photography Dream Assignment – VOTE NOW!!!

We all have dreams. Want to help make mine a reality? Please take a minute to vote for my photography dream assignment here.

“My dream assignment is to use my camera and video camera to document the traditions, celebrations, joys, sorrows, and passion of people through their respective dances, showing the unique power of the human spirit to triumph via dance.

From the whirling dervishes of Turkey to the tribal war dances of Uganda, from the devil dances of Sri Lanka, to the break dancing of young Americans, my photography will examine the place of traditional dance in contemporary world cultures through the stunning forms of movement, the vivid colors of costumes, and the emotion, integrity, and power of the dancer.

My passion for photography, dance, travel, and learning about new cultures is matched only by my compassion for my subjects. As a result, I have the insight and intuition to capture unique images that would otherwise elude the camera.”

Judging is based on how many votes a user receives, so please feel free to forward this on to your family and friends!

This has been a dream of mine for a long time. Thanks for helping me bring it a step closer to coming true!

One thought on “My Photography Dream Assignment – VOTE NOW!!!

  1. If anyone should and could do this it would be you Kristen!!! I hope you win because I know you would take some fantastic shots!!! Party on!

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