7/52 Photo of the Week

This week’s photo was taken from the top deck of my friend’s Brooklyn Heights apartment, which has an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. I heart New York!

I’m here for the AIPAD Photography Show, and then will be staying on to do some work/networking here, as well as meeting up with friends and family. I used to live in Manhattan from 1993-1996, so am loving be back here. I will post more blogs this coming week about my New York adventures…

Adventure on, with bagel in hand!

And, for more great photos, check out DeliciousBaby’s Photo Friday post!


8 thoughts on “7/52 Photo of the Week

  1. I’m impressed. It’s not the fabulous view, it’s the stunning transformation of NYC to look almost ‘clean’ in your picture. That sort of thing goes waaaay beyond the capabilities of PhotoShop.

    You’re really good!

    We should get together while you’re on this coast. Gimme a call.

  2. New York City IS clean these days! Not like when I lived here in the early 90s, when Times Square was still full of XXX shops. It’s all “Disney-ified” now. But, I still love my favorite neighborhoods, and don’t mind the clean factor at all!

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