Discounts on Flight to Mars


Expedia is offering a 7-day special to Mars for only $99. That’s a savings of over $3 trillion. Expedia also offers hotel specials, as well as suggestions on activities to do while on Mars, such as dust surfing and evening star gazing.

Flights leave from either Cape Canaveral (FL), Vandenburg, AFB (CA), or Kiruna, Sweden. You can also choose your aircraft to be either nouveau, classic, or retro.

If Mars is not your thing, check out their other interplanetary destinations. As usual, there are no booking fees.

Adventure on to the red planet, and beyond!

And, enjoy this first day of April, fools!


2 thoughts on “Discounts on Flight to Mars

  1. I read this and I can almost hear Ralph Kramden saying: “One of these days, Alice….bang, zoom, straight to the moon!”

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