11/52 Photo of the Week (Earth Day!)

Happy Earth Day!

Photo: Olivier Bekaert

Want to participate in a fun lil’ project in honor of Earth Day? Help out the folks over at Earth Mosaic, who are collecting hundreds of thousands of photos to create a mosaic of our planet. Simply take a picture of your little piece of earth, and upload it here.

For more pictures of this beautiful world, check out my Earth Day Photos.

And remember, be kind to Mother Earth. Turn off a light, walk or bike instead of drive, reuse and recycle. Don’t make Mother angry!

Adventure on and go green,


4 thoughts on “11/52 Photo of the Week (Earth Day!)

  1. Hey Kristen! Love that photo! Kinda sums up you and your life!!!! Uncle Paul is able to go to the movies again now, so….we saw Planet Earth in honor of Earth Day! Slainte!

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