13/52 Photo of the Week (Happy Mother’s Day!)

Happy Mother’s Day to caring women everywhere!

This first picture is of a young mother and her child at the local market in Sa Pa, Viet Nam. The marks on their foreheads are from hot ash poured into a horn and placed on the forehead, which is meant to heal one’s sickness.

The second picture is of a beautiful woman named Li.  She is carrying her youngest child, Xu, on her back. She also has a 4-year-old at home, and is only 20 years old herself. I walked for miles with this woman and she was so nice and very curious, although she couldn’t understand how I could be my age and not have ever been married nor ever had kids. This was quite a shock to her and her culture!

The whole experience made me think about how incredibly different our two lives were, but also about the commonality between all women, no matter the culture.

Women the world over learn from their mothers, and in turn, teach the next generation through their examples. I am lucky to have the best mother in the world, who instilled in me a belief in myself and in the power to do good. Thanks, Mom!

Kudos to all of you moms out there…and to those of us who try to emulate you!

Enjoy your day, and adventure on!


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9 thoughts on “13/52 Photo of the Week (Happy Mother’s Day!)

  1. What a powerful picture, they first one. It really moved me. I’m not sure why, but we forget how hard motherhood is, all over the world and yet how beautiful it is too:)

  2. What a contrast in the emotions shown in the pictures, from the look of worry and concern in the first to the joy in the moment shown in the second. Different aspects of motherhood. We never stop worrying, and we cherish the happy memories. Thanks for the photos and kind words.

  3. I agree with Mom Gill (and Happy Mother’s Day to her). The emotions on their faces is really telling.

    I love the second photo as it has optimism written all over it. From her smile to the color of her umbrella.

  4. So how can you be that age without ever being married and not having any children?

    Just lucky, I guess. 😉

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