16/52 Photo of the Week (Dreams of Belize)


I am heading to Belize in a mere 10 days! If you’ve been there, please send any suggestions or tips! I am going for a dear friend’s wedding, but will stay for an extended time and traipse throughout Central America (including Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras) with my sister, who is meeting up with me. All together, I will be gone just over a month, so plenty of time to soak up some rays and some beautiful culture.

This picture was taken near Roatan Island, in Honduras back in 2006. Best way to get around the island was by hailing one of these boats, usually run by young boys! Not a bad way to travel.

Adventure on, and send me your thoughts!


(For more great photos, check out DeliciousBaby’s Photo Friday post.)

7 thoughts on “16/52 Photo of the Week (Dreams of Belize)

  1. My good friend used to bring tour groups to Belize and Guatemala, and also ventured alone many times. SHe knows alot of the ins and outs and the local guides etc. If you email me, I’ll get you in contact with her. Take care, it’s a great area to explore.

  2. Anyone that uses the word “traipse” in a sentence is my kinda person!

    Travel well and take lots of pictures. I miss being able to go though your pictures with you when you return from these fantastic trips.

  3. I have been to Central America several times, both independently and as a tour escort. You have to see Tikal, the vibe around the place is fantastic. Lake Atitlan is touristy but fun. Panajachel is busy, while Santa Cruz is a nice getaway across the lake.
    I hope they’ve cleaned up the beaches in Belize’s Ambergris Caye–when I was there 12 years ago it was very polluted. Visit some of the outer cayes for beautiful seclusion.

    Most of all, enjoy a laid-back trip!

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