Gone Fishin’


Sorry for no posts recently, but Miss Gill has gone fishin’! I just recently came back from a month+ trip to Belize and Guatemala, and am just now sorting through literally thousands of photos. Here are some from a recent fishing trip that I took off Ambergris Caye in Belize.

I started out the day early (had to wake at 5am and be on the boat dock by 5:45am). Here’s me looking not so lovely at that dastardly hour of the morn. I seem to have good luck wearing skirts while fishing. Works like a charm.

Our guide’s name was Omar, and he was a pro at finding good spots for us to fish. But first we had to go get our bait. No ordering from a bait shop here. We headed out to a certain section of water to cast for sardines, which we caught and later used as bait for the bigger fish. Sardines were found in this area:


Our goal was tarpon, but we didn’t catch any of those. Even though we spotted many, they were quite elusive. I did catch a barracuda! Nice teeth! The one I caught was only about 1.5 feet, but a guy on our boat caught a four-footer.


I cannot explain in words how beautiful this water is. Hopefully my photos can!

Mangroves and shallow water, where the tarpon and barracudas hang out:

Conch fishing and the cleaned out shells:img_4722

Fisherpeople:  img_4885

And their rods:

And, the obligatory beer:img_4901

Catch and release, baby!


7 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. Belize is so beautiful. Didn´t make it to Ambergris but Caye Caulker and Tobacco Caye are similar. Lots of sunshine and fun with the locals.

  2. Kristen – Welcome back!

    These are absolutely wonderful and I am so so jealous of your trip. The color of the water is amazing. Bring the rest of us along next time, OK?

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