30/52 Photo of the Week (The Proverbial Question)

Why should not a chicken cross the road?

It would be a fowl proceeding.

These crazy chickens are making the proverbial journey across a street in a tiny town outside of Vang Vieng, Laos. I would have asked them myself, if I spoke their language. Bawk Bawk!

For a philosophical gathering of answers to this highly important question, click here.

Oh, and did you know that in Quitman, Georgia, an ordinance prohibits chickens from crossing the road?

Why not? Cross that road, and adventure on!


8 thoughts on “30/52 Photo of the Week (The Proverbial Question)

  1. What seems like casual behavior for Laotian chickens is prohibited for certain American chickens. My how times have changed!

  2. Well in the US we have to have a purpose for everything – don’t we? If we want to do something just because, well, we’ll probably get arrested for it.

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