33/52 Photo of the Week (Monks in Laos)


These monks in, the town of Luang Prabang, Laos, are up at 6AM everyday, to walk through town, where they receive their morning rations of rice from the local community. It is considered a solemn ceremony, and is quite a scene to behold.



4 thoughts on “33/52 Photo of the Week (Monks in Laos)

  1. I was thinking the same thing about how young they look! Love the contrast of the brilliant orange and bright yellow of the monks’ clothing against the while of the buildings.

  2. beautiful photo. brings back memories.
    my husband and i went to laos in 2002-spent 2 weeks kayaking down the mekong, staying in villages. the monks that we met were so polite. we were told that all young males in laos must serve the military at some point, which seems so strange for a bhuddist country.

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