36/52 Photo of the Week (London’s Eye)

“It was a dark and stormy night…”

Gray, cold, and old, with an overall sense of gloom:

This is pretty much how I feel every year at this time, after we switch the clocks back an hour, and the daylight hours get eaten up so quickly.

This picture was taken in Autumn in London a few years back. I like the timeless look of the photo. Even the modern icon of the The London Eye looks eerily like it’s been a part of the scene forever.  I love the way a black and white photo can capture the moodiness of a place so well.

Back to my Edgar Allen Poe reading…


6 thoughts on “36/52 Photo of the Week (London’s Eye)

  1. that is hauntingly beautiful Kirsten… it’s like mixture of the ‘olde’ and modern… past and future yet eerie and beautiful

  2. great shot, if it wasn’t for the London Eye capsules you would think it was a picture from a distant time. Amazing what the use of black and white photography can do!

  3. What effects did you use to create that background? It almost looks like it’s printed on canvas.

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