43-49 Photo of the Week (Holidays in Gent, Belgium)


Last year at about this time, I took a quick jaunt to visit a friend in the quaint town of Gent, Belgium. It was the beginning of December, and the whole town was lit up with white Christmas lights. My first evening there (when I took most of these pics), I felt like I was in a fairy-tale. Enjoy this visual journey through my eyes!


One of the squares along the canal.


My friend’s place is on the right-hand side of this street. The nunnery is on the left. (“Get thee to a nunnery!”)


The old church. One of several in this small town.


I have to say, I think MY coffee looks better than George Clooney’s in the ad!


For some reason, this picture of the woman pouring pints in front of the “other” woman cracked me up.


And, the real reason I like to visit Belgium. BEER!!!

Sante! Enjoy the holidays!


4 thoughts on “43-49 Photo of the Week (Holidays in Gent, Belgium)

  1. Wow! Gorgeous! And that sky is SO blue. I’ve never seen a sky so deep blue. LOVE Leffe and LOVE the George Clooney Espresso. 🙂

  2. So is that the cafe you nearly set on fire?? 😉 RIP favourite brown coat!!! And yes, love the Clooney Espresso too.

  3. Those night shots of the town are fantastic. Is that the actual color of the sky or was there some ‘enhancement’ to bring out the color?

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