Happy New Year!

Happy New Year – 2010!

Can you believe it? Another year, over and done. Wow. As per usual, I’m a bit behind, being that it’s already January 8, and I’m just now realizing a decade has gone by. I do want to thank you all for reading my blog, posting comments, and encouraging me to continue to do what I love doing. Here’s to many more adventures and posts in the coming year!

This picture was taken at the Chicago Cultural Center while I was home for the holidays. Although I have been here many times before, it was only on this trip that I happened to overhear a man giving a tour to a bunch of Japanese tourists that this building houses the “largest Tiffany glass dome in the world” (38 feet in diameter with some 30,000 pieces of glass, it was restored to its original splendor in 2008). Of course, I just had to get a picture! The best view was from directly below the dome facing upward, while lying on my back on the floor. I might have looked a bit silly, but anyone who has travelled with me knows that I can contort by body into some funny positions to get a good shot!

Hope this picture brings a bit of shazam and brightness to your new year. If you’d like, sign up for my blog by entering your email in the box to the right of this post so you can “catch up” with me in 2010. All the best!

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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I was wowed when I visited the Cultural Center last summer–blogged about it a couple of times, too 🙂
    The story of the dome restoration was particularly interesting to me…so much painstaking work they did!
    Did you get a chance to see the GAR stained glass dome in the same building? Not Tiffany, but nice in its own way.

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