Photo Friday: They Say It’s My Birthday!

Well, today is my birthday, so I thought I’d post a picture of me doing something I enjoy in a country I love: dune buggying it in Brazil!

The following was sent to me by a dear friend, and I’d like to repost:

Did you know that Feb. 19 is the “Day of the Explorer” according to the Birthday Book? Listen to this quote: “The tough and determined individuals born on February 19 must fearlessly explore their environment and ultimately follow their inquisitive instincts to far off worlds. …The more fanciful side can manifest in a love of travel, adventure, romance…” That’s our Kris!

Sounds about right!

Adventure on to another year!


2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: They Say It’s My Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday Kristen!

    I’m sitting here–still surrounded by snow covered ground–wishing the roads were clear enough to take my motorcycle out for a ride.

    I’m usually eager to see your next photo/blog posting, but this one has left me filled with lust for warmer weather and outdoor vehicular activities. Perhaps I’ll go start the bike…just to hear it again.

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