Travel Photo Contest!

On location
On location

In honor of my 3 year anniversary of writing for Wanderlust & Lipstick, we are celebrating by hosting an open photography contest during the month of May! Send us your best travel-related shot, and you could be the winner of a PacSafe camera bag valued at $110!

How it works:


  • Submit ONE travel-related photo to wanderlustandlipstick (at) gmail (dot) com (no nudity, please!)
  • Put “photo contest” in the subject line
  • Be sure to include your name, a title, and location where the photo was taken
  • Try to keep the photo sized at 480×360
  • Photos will be added to this post in order of receipt
  • People will vote, via a comment, for what they consider to be the best image (Tell your friends to vote for your photo!)
  • Deadline to enter: May 27th 11:59pm Pacific Time
  • Winner with the most votes will be notified no later than June 3, 2010, and must respond within 3 days in order to receive prize. Only US or Canadian citizens may win due to shipping restrictions.


Like something you see? Want to support a friend?

  • Leave a comment below voting for your favorite photo
  • Be sure to leave the Number and Title of the image so there’s no question as to which one has your thumbs up
  • One vote allowed per person and you must leave your email address so that we can deter multiple votes. Email addresses will not be shared.
  • Deadline to vote: May 31st, 11:59pm Pacific Time

Here’s some info on the PacSafe bag:Camsafe 200 from Pacsafe

CamSafe 200 is a Camera Shoulder Bag that can be customized to fit a digital SLR camera, several lenses and a flash. Interior includes specially designed pockets for smaller items such as cords, batteries and SD cards. Features tamperproof zippers, snatchproof strap with built-in combination lock, slashproof panels and a slashproof shoulder strap. Never worry about your gear getting ripped off again! Great for travelers wanting comfort and safety. Value is $110!

Adventure on, and get shooting!


Photo Entries

#1 “Moon Rise on Manitowish” by Molly Dietlin,
taken August 2009 in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin.

“Walking the streets of Vancouver” by Melanie Calcut,
taken March 2010 in Vancouver, Washington.

“Almost Paradise” by Victoria Schilke,
taken in Playa Mujeres, Mexico.

“Smiling Lady” by Lisa Chavis (What Boundaries? Live Your Dream!),
taken at the Bangkok Floating Market, Thailand.
fm2 (456 x 342)

“New Beginning” by Hans Ravnaas,
taken in Old Town Stockholm, Sweden.

“Hochburg Frames” by Roy P. Boland,
taken in April 2010 in Germany.

“Ship of the Desert” by Meg O’Brien,
taken in July 2009 in Mombasa, Kenya.

“Graffiti Climbing Wall” by Jackie Boucher,
taken at the San Diego Children’s Museum.

“Daily Reflections” by Norah Langweiler,
taken in Venice, Italy.

“Desert Guides” by Lauren Van Mullem,
taken in Rajasthan, India.

“Om mani padme hum” by Beth Shepherd,
taken at the Ganden Monastery, Tibet.
Om mani padme hum

“Finding a camel in a desert, is like…” by Karsten McNulty,
taken in Morocco, 2006.

#13 “Be at peace in my arms!” by Neha Badheka,
taken on the Charles Bridge in Prague, June 2007.

#14 “Blue Skies and the London Eye” by Shannon McDonough,
taken in London, 2005.

#15 “Lizard House” by Denise Renaghan Collie,
taken at The National Zoo in Washington DC, May 2009.
#16 “Onwards to Turk” by David Cassidy,
taken at White Strand, Co. Mayo, Ireland.
White Strand

#17 “Renvyle” by Michelle Duffy,
taken in Connemara, Ireland.

#18 “Steak tartare” by Mark Besso,
taken alongside the harbor in Nice, France.

304 thoughts on “Travel Photo Contest!

  1. #7 the ship of the desert. while i was there i wish i could have taken such a nice picture…great!

  2. #13 – so serene – looks like the angle is taking a breather on the pedestal before taking off again!

  3. hard decision. great pictures by all. but #7 the ships of the desert
    is a wonderful picture. all the allure of the desert and the vibrant colors of the tribesman. very hard decison they are all great pictures. but the ships of the desert just had everything i am looking for in a photo

  4. ny compliments to the photograper. it is a beautiful picture. gives the flavor of the subject. number #7 the ship of the desert

  5. #13: Be at peace in my arms
    The shot though its simple speaks a thousand words. Its seems as if the angel is embracing the sky. Beautiful…

  6. all the photos were well done but the one that i like the best is number 7 “the ships of the desert”

  7. #10 “Desert Guides” by Lauren Van Mullem, taken in Rajasthan, India.
    love the expression on the camel’s face.

  8. My vote goes to #10, “Desert Guides” by Lauren Van Mullem.
    Absolutely stunning picture! Go Lauren! 🙂

  9. My choice is number 10, “Desert Guides” by Lauren Van Mullem.
    That photo is one I’d never be able to take myself.

  10. Very artistically done. it’s a soul-touching picture. Great job done. Oops # 13 got left out.Sorry, please include my vote for #13.

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