Have you heard about the food and wine boutique on Phinney Ridge called PICNIC? Well, you should! Today PICNIC is celebrating 3 years of being in business, serving up yummy deli-style meats, artisan cheeses, well thought out sandwiches, and homemade soups, amongst other delicacies. And, now that summer is upon us (fingers crossed), you’ll want to place your order for a PICNIC basket to go, so you can take advantage of the nice weather and eat outside. Did I happen to mention that PICNIC is located within walking distance to Green Lake, as well as the concerts at Woodland Park Zoo?

And, if the rainy Seattle weather persists, you can always duck in for a nice lunch, opting to sit at the long communal table, or at one of the window seats overlooking Greenwood Ave. Be sure to check out the artwork, as they  promote the local art scene with a roster of local artists.

I did a brief interview with owners Anson and Jenny Klock, a dynamic husband and wife team who somehow make working alongside your spouse look easy.

KG: So, how did you first come upon the idea of opening up PICNIC?

J&A: We are lifelong lovers of food and wine. Through our travels we recognized some holes in the Seattle food scene that we wanted to fill. Having grown up on the east coast, a proper sandwich is commonplace. PICNIC’s first spark grew out of the idea of bringing a great sandwich to Seattle. We also knew we wanted to open a business together in the food and wine field, but not a “full-scale” restaurant. The hybrid bottle-shop/wine cafe was what we came up with.

KG: What’s your favorite aspect of working at PICNIC?

Being together every day.

KG: What can you recommend to your customers to pack for a picnic?

J&A: A corkscrew and extra wine.

Ah, good idea! Now, before the lines get too long, call up and order your next PICNIC basket. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy Anniversary, PICNIC!


Anson Klock

picnic :  a food + wine boutique

6801 greenwood avenue north

seattle, washington 98103

(206) 453-5867

twitter @picnicseattle

Picnic Lunch Boxes To Go

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