These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Looking for last-minute Xmas gifts for the traveler in your life? Here are my top suggestions:

The boomCAN portable media speaker improves the volume, sound quality and overall experience of your music. This speaker produces booming sound from your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android Device, Blackberry, Smartphone and more. This portable media speaker can be used in your home, at the office, the beach and anywhere you want to listen to music. I bring it with me anytime I’m traveling for an instant party whether I’m in the hotel room, or in the jungles of Brazil.

I really like Cascade Design’s Hummingbird line of E-Cases. You can Touch, Talk and Listen™ with full protection from the touch-screen compatible E-Case. This submersible, PVC-free case provides full environmental protection for precious electronics. Corner lash points accept carabiners, key hooks or keeper cords. We used the iPhone case when hiking through a waterfall in Mexico, and were able to get great photos using the waterproof case that we’d never have been able to get otherwise!  Great for kayaking, hiking through rainforests,  and any kind of boating adventures.

The PackTowl UltraLite is soft, absorbent , and easy to pack: perfect for fun on-the-fly. A great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to lug a wet towel around.  It absorbs four times its weight in water and is available in small to bath towel sizes. Don’t leave home without it!

The GorillaPod Original is the world’s first flexible hands-free tripod. With this mini, lightweight tripod, you can take crisp photos in low light, join the group shot without stretching out your arm or capture the perfect angle from a tree, pole or wherever your next adventure may take you. From $19.95 on sale at

iPod Nano Bring 100s of songs with you without adding any bulk or weight. Plug in your earphones and make that 10 hour flight a relaxing one with a playlist you’ve created just for yourself.  I like to use these when walking around new towns, or waiting for buses, trains, etc. Music makes everything better!

Happy Holidays, and Adventure On,


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