Johnny Jet Airs His New Show on the Travel Channel

What better way to recover from a bad New Year’s Eve hangover than to watch “Hot Spots 2012” with Johnny Jet on the Travel Channel this Sunday.

I’ve been a subscriber of Johnny Jet‘s travel email for well over a decade now, and first got to meet Johnny in person 2 years ago at the Adventure Travel World Summit in Scotland, where we were both attending as journalists, and Johnny was a featured speaker. As soon as I saw him at the journalists’ table, I knew we’d be in for some fun. Johnny has a way of lighting up a room and sharing stories. No matter how tired and groggy we all were from our hectic travel schedules, we stayed up late into the night laughing.

So, it is with great excitement that I look forward to catching his first televised show, “Hot Spots 2012” on the Travel Channel this Sunday, January 1, at 9:00PM EST (check local listings). He’ll be revealing the hottest spots to travel in the coming year, as well as revealing insider travel tips, which is his specialty. Watch it!

Tune in, and Adventure on!


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