In the Studio with Peter Greenberg

Recently I was a guest on Peter Greenberg Worldwide’s Radio show, where I talked about the “hidden gems” of Seattle. You can tune into the show this Saturday, March 17, 2012 at 10AM – 1PM ET.

Peter Greenberg is “America’s most recognized, honored and respected front-line travel news journalist.” Travel Editor for CBS News, Peter is host of the nationally-syndicated Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio show, which is broadcast each week from a different location around the world. We were lucky enough to have him in Seattle for this latest broadcast, and I was honored to be a guest on the show.

I had diligently done my research and had my notes in front of me on my travel laptop, and wouldn’t you know it, my Windows operating system decided to update itself right as the radio interview began, so I had no access to any of my notes. Here’s to winging it big time! I only felt like a deer in headlights a few times, thanks to Peter’s easy demeanor. I’ll be interested to hear how it turns out myself!

And, don’t worry. I didn’t give away all of Seattle’s secrets. I had to save some for the rest of us!

I, personally, will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day that morning, so will have to wait for the podcast to come out. But, if you do hear it, please let me know what you think!

Adventure On!


2 thoughts on “In the Studio with Peter Greenberg

    1. Thanks, Lanee Lee! Were you able to tune in? If not, I might post the podcast here, since it’s now available.

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