This Photographer Fueled by Old Style

This photographer is fueled by Old Style! And a love of her hometown. I’ve already extended my stay in Chicago by about 5 days, and don’t want to leave!

Today’s photo of the day was taken just across from the Jefferson Park el stop on the Blue Line, and is right next door to a favorite restaurant of the Gills, The Gale Street Inn, known for it’s ribs.

When I grew up here, I never knew that photography would play such a major role in my life, so when I spotted this statue, it was like spotting an old friend. Had he been made if flesh, I would have invited him for a nice cold beer at the pub next door. “We’ll take an Old Style, please!”

Adventure On!

2 thoughts on “This Photographer Fueled by Old Style

  1. That’s a cool little statue. I need to find a camera like that, it would be so interesting to learn about how things used to be done…

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