Hipp, Hipp, Hurra! for Norway’s Constitution Day!

Norway Flag Syttende Mai

It’s that time of year again: Syttende Mai!

Always held on the 17th of May, this day celebrates the day in 1814, in which the Constitution declared Norway its own independent country.

Commemorated with children’s parades in most cities, the largest is in Oslo, with the parade going right past the Royal Palace, where the Royal Family wave hello from the balcony.

Norwegians all over the world celebrate their Constitution Day, and if  you’re in Seattle, you can celebrate Syttende Mai in Ballard, where there’s a big parade that starts at 6pm, and a whole load of other activities. For more information, click here: http://www.17thofmay.org/

This photo was taken in Norway on my adventure there last summer with VisitNorway.

Raise your Norwegian flag, eat some lutefisk, and Adventure On,


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