Happy Saint Patrick’s Day


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Here’s a photograph I took while on a walk to my secret special place near Dublin. I’ll never tell you where it is, but I WILL encourage you to get yourself “home” to Ireland and find your own special place!

2013 marks a year of welcomes, as “The Gathering” invites friends and family from around the world to visit and join in the many organized festivities happening throughput Ireland’s cities, towns, and villages.

To hear more about inspiring gatherings, or to even start your own, please visit: www.thegatheringireland.com

As for me, I’ll be celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Chicago with my family and friends, many of us whom are former world champion Irish dancers. If encouraged enough, we might just kick out a few jigs and reels!

But, not to worry! I’ll be heading up my own “Gathering” when I visit my newly-born God son in Dublin in April. I’ll also be back to Ireland in October for a “Gathering” of travel bloggers who will be attending the Travel Bloggers Exchange (TBEX). I’m definitely feeling the “Luck of the Irish”! May it be with you, too.

And now for an Irish blessing:

“May you be in Heaven a half hour before the devil knows your dead.”



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