My Favorite (Free!) Windows 8 Apps for Travelers

windows 8 best free travel apps

When I’m on the road, I often use my computer to help me navigate my new surroundings, and to plan for my immediate and future travel needs. I’ve been testing out my new Ideapad with Windows 8, and of course, the first thing I do is load it up with a bunch of travel apps!  Here’s a list of my favorite (Free!) Windows 8 apps for travelers:


The Travel app is both inspirational AND practical. It lets you explore over 2,000 destination via images and panoramas. You can search for flights, look up weather, read in-depth articles and more. The Travel app is also great for the armchair travelers, as you can virtually see some of the world’s finest landmarks in 360 degrees! Pretty cool.


Live flight tracking from FlightAware allows you to track real-time airline status and flights, airport delays, and nearby flights currently overhead. This is great for those kind friends and family who volunteer to pick me up at the airport!

XE Currency

Easily convert every world currency! The XE Currency app features a currency converter with up-to-the-minute rates and also stores your latest update, so it works even when the Internet doesn’t (which is key for me).


Locate the hidden gems, popular local hotspots, and the must-see classics of an area. All of the recommendations on GuidePal are written by locals who love their city and enjoy showcasing their hometown gems.


Another all-time favorite for me is the Kayak app, which allows you to search for the best fares, whether it’s round trip, multi-destination, or one-way. My dad first introduced me to Kayak years ago, and it’s been my go-to source for getting a sense of how much a ticket is going to cost. Once you select a route you like, you are then sent directly to the airline’s site to book your ticket. It’s also great for booking hotels!

What travel apps do you use? Am I missing some good ones? Please use the comments section to tell me your favorites!

Adventure on in “app-land”,



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