The Baja Coyote – Black & White Photography

baja coyote by kristen gill photographyUsually people rent boats in Baja to be close to the amazing whales that come every year to give birth and teach their offspring how to live. For every couple hundred photos I took of the whales, I only took one picture of this coyote, as seen from our boat, and that’s why this is a special shot for me. Like a surprise visitor he showed himself to those willing to look beyond the main feature. We had heard the howls of the coyotes the prior evening, calling them the invisible “night watchers” of our camp, and I like to think of him as seeing us off on our journey. I love his dark silhouette against the backdrop of graying sand dunes, and the sparkle of the water before it hits the beach in a bright horizontal line. That’s why I think this photo works really well in B&W.

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