Dawn of a New Day

Looking fwd to what the PathWrangler team has in store for the travel industry…I’m excited!

Us folks here at PathWrangler have gone silent for a while.  We owe you all an explanation.  In the massively underrated movie, “My Name is Nobody,” the protagonist, Nobody (brilliantly played by Terrance Hill), tells a Fable:

There was this little baby bird that fell from it’s tree in the cold of snow. It starts peeping, “Pa peep! Pa peep!” as it was damn near freezing.

Along comes this cow. She looks down at the little bird and feels sorry for it. She raises her tail and… “splah!”

…She drops a steaming hot cow pie right on top of it.

The little bird starts again… “Pa peep! Pa peep!” Because it’s hungry.

Along comes a mean ole Coyote… It reachs down easy into the cow pie and picks the little bird up. He raises the little bird higher and brushes the dirt off him real nice.

And then……

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