Happy Earth Day! Now, go hug a tree. #EarthDay2016

Giller's Tree Photography by Kristen Gill Look at that beautiful tree! 

This tree happens to be right in my neighborhood in Seattle, where I frequently rest under its boughs, listen to the birds, watch the sunset, read a book, chat with neighbors, or simply rest. Right now it smells of spring, with its flowers and new buds. This tree is  just a small part of the greater world – a world that, quite frankly, needs saving. 

I’ve traveled a great deal, and the beauty of this earth is astounding. From the great baobab trees in Namibia to the prickly cacti in Baja, from the colorful aspens in Colorado to the swaying palm trees of Costa Rica, they all play a role in providing for and protecting the earth and her inhabitants. 

Isn’t it time we repaid the favor? On this #EarthDay2016, can you do something positive, like donate a dollar for a tree to be planted? Or, maybe start your own garden? Or, decide to rigorously recycle and use less paper? Or, yes, even hug a tree.

If you love it, you will protect it.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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