Every Picture Tells a Story

Every picture tells a story.

In her gritty and powerful body of work, Ingetje Tadros presents an insider’s view of the struggles faced by remote Aboriginal communities undergoing the hardships that stem from dislocation. Her photos demonstrate both the community trust she earned and her empathy for individuals living far from the public eye.

With the support of FotoEvidence Press, Ingetje launched a fund raising campaign for the publication of the book This Is My Country

The publication of  This Is My Country  will create a permanent record of and bring attention to the plight of Aboriginal communities under threat.  It will serve as a call to Australian society to support their First People and end the displacement of their communities. 

A lack of affordable short-term accommodation, combined with Aboriginal people moving in from remote communities, has led to people camping on bush blocks and parks in town. Lydia is moving here mattress to the side of the road. One Mile community, Broome, Western Australia ©Ingetje Tadros

Ingetje Tadros occupies a unique place in the world of social documentary photography, capturing the triumphs, tragedy and diversity of people’s lives through her intuitive storytelling. With a passion deeply rooted in humanitarian causes, her photography is often confronting and provocative: conveying a powerful message by telling people’s stories at a community level and providing a conduit for communication between different cultures on a global platform.

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“My past was destroyed by alcohol and drugs, now I have a brighter future looking forward to set up an example for my future generation, my friends and family. Now I feel free as the alcohol and drugs are no longer in my system, I am hoping the people come together as one happy family then Kennedy Hill would be one of the best communities in Broome town”. Sandy Isaac standing in a condemned house in Kennedy Hill which has now been demolished. Broome, Western Australia. ©Ingetje Tadros/Diimex

Ingetje has reached 45% of her goal and only has 10 days left to get her work printed in this hard cover book by FotoEvidence Press.

Please contribute to make this happen, contribute today.

By backing This Is My Country you will be a part of creating an enduring document about the struggle for justice of Australia’s First People and supporting Aboriginal communities as they fight displacement.

Please join this project by contributing today, check the Perks !

Pre-ordering of  the hard-cover book This Is My Country   is also available and as a thank you your name will be listed in the book as a contributor.

In Tadros’ body of work, every picture tells a story that is rich in detail. It takes determination and patience to get stories from remote communities – you have to earn the trust of every single person there. It’s so rare that photojournalists can invest the time to do a story like this and we are rewarded with an insider’s view of this hardscrabble life.

Good luck to you, Ingetje! Thank you for the work you do.

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