Adopt a Cheetah at AfriCat’s Carnivore Care Centre

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It’s a cheetah “lick fest” at the AfriCat Foundation in Namibia!

While on a scouting mission in Namibia, my team and I visited the Okonjima Nature Reserve where we tracked these cheetahs by foot and enjoyed watching them in their natural habitat. AfriCat is dedicated to creating conservation awareness through education, preserving habitat, promoting environmental education, research, and the rehabilitation of captive carnivores in Namibia.

AfriCat’s Carnivore Care Centre

The AfriCat Foundation was founded in the early 90’s with the mission of making a significant contribution to conservation through education. AfriCat supports environmental education for all ages, runs rehabilitation programs, provides solutions to human-wildlife conflict issues, and conducts constructive wildlife research.

Currently AfriCat has around 24 carnivores, including leopards, lions, and cheetahs too habituated to go back into the wild. These individuals are going to live out their lives under the expert care of the AfriCat team and continue to be “ambassadors” for their wild counter-parts.

AfriCat also has 12 cheetahs that will be Rehabilitated in the Okonjima Nature Reserve in the near future. This group of cheetahs will remain in AfriCat’s care until space opens in the Okonjima Nature Reserve for their rehabilitation to start. Help AfriCat by adopting one of their resident carnivores for a year. The adoption fee covers the cost of food and basic veterinary care.

You can visit “Bubbles”, “Dash”, “Raisin” and the rest of the AfriCat cheetahs here!

Visiting these cheetahs was an experience that will long be remembered. Many thanks to AfriCat and the many other conservation organizations doing their part to promote the well-being of all sentient creatures.

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Photo credit: Kristen Gill Media

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