World Rainforest Day: Because the World Can’’t Wait

World Rainforest Day

Rainforest Partnership (RP) has launched the inaugural World Rainforest Day on June 22, 2017 as a collaborative effort to raise awareness and encourage action to save one of the earth’s most precious resources: our rainforests. On this day, organizations and people everywhere will come together by reaching across political and geographical borders with the goal of educating and activating people around the world through virtual connection and direct action.

Founding World Rainforest Day partners include: 2020 or Bust, Austin EcoNetwork, Avoided Deforestation Partners, Bonobo Conservation Initiative, Ear to the Earth, Earth Day ATX, EARTHx, EARTHxFilm, and South by Southwest (SXSW). See for an up-to-date list.

In December 2015, Rainforest Partnership celebrated with the world when 195 nations came together to adopt the historical and unprecedented Paris Agreement. This diverse group of nations acknowledged that the increasing number, scale, and impact of natural disasters are directly related to the rate at which the world’’s climate is changing. As we at Rainforest Partnership watched the announcement of the US decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement, we felt deeply saddened, but resolute in our commitment to protect both our forests and our planet. This is why we amplified our efforts in launching World Rainforest Day. We have to act now to protect our rainforests if we want to tackle climate change while the world is shifting to a low carbon economy.

Rainforest Partnership Executive Director, Niyanta Spelman explained:

“We envision this inaugural World Rainforest Day as the opportunity to educate the world and come together to protect our rainforests. No one organization, effort, or rainforest country can do this alone. We need all of us everywhere to protect these precious ecosystems that are so critical to our planet’’s health.”

Rainforest Partnership created World Rainforest Day to spread awareness about the importance of rainforests, encourage global action to protect these beautiful and enchanting ecosystems, and create a means for all organizations and peoples to collaborate.

World Rainforest Day aims to highlight rainforests and their critical role in stabilizing our climate, inspire individual and collective actions around the world, and showcase innovative ideas.

Share actions using #WorldRainforestDay and visit to learn more.

About Rainforest Partnership: Rainforest Partnership is an Austin, Texas-based international nonprofit that works directly with rainforest communities to protect tropical rainforests. To learn more about Rainforest Partnership, visit www.

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