Adventure Angels Again Offer Abundance Scholarship to Woman-Owned Adventure Travel Business

The Adventure Angels in conjunction with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) are thrilled to announce their second scholarship to support a female business owner from an emerging destination to attend the Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) in Salta, Argentina in October, 2017.

The Adventure Angels about to present the inaugural Abundance Award at the Adventure Travel World Summit in Anchorage, Alaska in 2016.

“We are so pleased to facilitate the strengthening of women in the adventure travel industry. This year we expanded our reach to our circles and people generously responded with donations through a crowd funding site. As the Adventure Angels organization continues to grow, we boldly look to a future where tourism empowers women’s independence and strengths,” said President of the Adventure Angels, Dana Johnson.

The Adventure Angels met each other at previous ATTA events. The energetic group is made up of tour operators, writers, travel agents, marketing specialists, and outfitters. Their intent is to nourish multicultural relationships and mindful connections with other women throughout the world. Their strategic mission is to propel women-owned travel companies from emerging nations and empower their leaders to run their businesses with confidence, negotiation power, and knowledge.

Noelia Corrales thanks each Adventure Angel individually at the dinner event hosted in her honor.


Women will be in the spotlight during the ATWS 2017 and various themes will directly address issues women face in the adventure travel industry. The Adventure Angels consider this to be an opportune occurrence for the winner of the 2017 Abundance Scholarship. The scholarship also includes a registration to the Adventure Women Leadership Studio, a unique one day event following the summit.

“We are committed to working in partnership with ATTA to recognize the power of women in travel and take away the unique obstacles we face. The full and equal participation of women is one of the biggest challenges to be overcome to ensure the long-term success of the adventure travel industry,” remarked Judy Karwacki, Scholarship Chair.

During the ATWS 2016 in Anchorage, Alaska The Angels cohosted a dinner event with Salmonberry Tours at the Captain Cook Hotel for the winner of the Abundance Scholarship. The group reported that the event had been very emotional. Noelia Corrales, owner of Colibri Spanish School in Nicaragua and winner of the first Abundance Scholarship expressed with deep gratitude how enriching and beneficial the experience had been.

“After meeting Noelia and spending time with her, we all knew in our hearts that we were going to do it again. The genuine gratitude she expressed towards our group felt amazing! We all agreed that the door we opened in 2016 would definitely lead to more goodness. We look forward to this year’s selection process” remarked Adventure Angel Gaby de Vega.

This year’s Abundance Scholarship winner will be announced on July 12th, 2017.

The Adventure Angels brainstorming while visiting Copper Canyon in Mexico.

For more information about the Adventure Angels, see their page at or contact them directly at

Kristen Gill is an adventure travel writer and photographer who loves to explore and share her off-the-beaten-path experiences. Always on the go, you might find her roaming the mountains or sailing the vast seas in search of a good story. She is also a proud Founding Member of the Adventure Angels.

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3 thoughts on “Adventure Angels Again Offer Abundance Scholarship to Woman-Owned Adventure Travel Business

  1. Congratulations Lristen and all the other adventure angels!!! Girl Power Rules!!!!

    I just may have a candidate for next year for you!!

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