Alaska Spring Awakening – Photo Essay

Last Spring I traveled with UnCruise Adventures through Canada’s Inside Passage up to Southeast Alaska. The whole journey from Seattle to Juneau took 12 days, each of which had their own surprises.

While most people book travel to Alaska in summer, I highly recommend visiting Alaska in Spring because:

  • You’ll have more chances for sun and dry days
  • Bears are waking up from hibernation and coming down to the shoreline to eat
  • It’s less crowded in ports, which allows for a more authentic port town experience
  • You’ll enjoy a quieter, more peaceful time
  • Things are awakening in nature with vibrant colors all around
  • The airfare and cruise fare costs less
  • It’s very scenic with snow still on the mountain peaks
  • Waterfalls are everywhere due to the Spring run-off of snow
  • You’ll get a better chance at seeing the Northern Lights in spring vs. summer

Check out some of these photos from the trip, and you can see for yourself what an incredible adventure it was!

Look at all this sun in Spring!
A member of the Tlingit tribe who performed music, dance, and storytelling for us at Chief Shake’s House in Wrangell.
And…he’s up! Headstand fun on a SUP with our floating home in the background.
From snow-capped mountains to the crystal blue sea – as far as the eye can see!
Our kayaks resting after a day in glacial waters!
My mom’s first time in a kayak. We saw so much wildlife up close!
When the sun shines the colors of the Inside Passage really pop!
Milky Way, Northern Lights, and stars galore!
Hiking the moon-like landscape of Baird’s Glacier.
A glimpse of the Northern Lights in the night sky.
Rejuvenated, relaxed, and reflecting after a hot tub and massage treatment.

Kristen Gill (11)
Forest bathing. It’s a thing! Originating in Japan, “shinrin-yoku” is a form of healing by simply taking in the forest atmosphere. Yes, please!
Kristen Gill (12)
When the sun shines the colors of the Inside Passage really pop!
Uncruise 12 Kristen Gill
Momma Bear Gill and daughter bonding in front of calving Dawes Glacier.

Many thanks to the folks at UnCruise Adventures for making this trip possible.

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One thought on “Alaska Spring Awakening – Photo Essay

  1. I lived in Alaska for over 2 decades. I think winter time is a great time to visit especially where I lived in Teller and Ambler. The Northern Lights are something to see.

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