Off the beaten path travel destinations to visit in 2018


Here’s my contribution to the curated article “38 REALLY Off the Beaten Path Travel Destinations to Visit in 2018“.


From the red sand dunes of Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert to the massive seal colonies of the Skeleton Coast and beyond, Namibia is a country full of adventures.

In the Northwest, the Etosha salt pans provide a feeding ground for wild animals of all kinds. On game drives, you can see giraffe, elephants, lions, zebra, and more.
The Zambezi region in the East is lush with green vegetation and a Zambezi River full of hippos. You can take the Desert Express Train, one of the world’s finest train rides, through vast country open spaces in the middle of the country, with superb sunrises and sunsets.


15-kristen-gill-mafwe-tribe-namibia (1)
The modern city of Windhoek serves as the capital after Namibia’s claimed independence in 1990, and has art museums, beautiful parks, and great shopping.
In the town of Swakopmund, you can take dune buggies into the desert or try your hand at sandboarding. Walvis Bay provides a popular place for surfing, kiteboarding, and sportfishing.  It’s also a birder’s paradise.
My favorite experience was learning from the indigenous Mawfe tribe about their local culture. They taught us how to survive on local bushes and plants, and how to fish to feed the tribe. It was a beautiful cultural exchange!
Where do your off-the-beaten-path dreams take you? Tell me in the comments!
Cheers, and wishing you all a new year full of new adventures,

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