Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveler in Your Life

Looking for a few special holiday gifts for the Traveler in Your Life?

Besides a Business Class Upgrade or a Window Seat going straight to somewhere fun, these are a few of our FAVORITE things:

Etymotic’s mk5 Isolator Earphones

mk 5 isolator earphones

Great for sports and travel, these high-fidelity mk5 Isolator earphones feature great sound quality, tuning out ambient noise, so that every detail in the music can be heard. I personally don’t like wearing bulky headphones, so these low-profile, in-ear earphones are perfect for jamming out to my favorite tunes while running along the lakefront, or while I’m listening to my favorite podcast tucked away in Aisle 23B (middle seat). It fits great under hoodies and hats, and you don’t need to turn up the volume to drown out outside noise. Comes in a handy little pouch that I keep tucked away in my handbag. It’s my own little slice of inner peace. Now, who wouldn’t want that in their stocking?

Itzastand: A Removable, Reusable Stand for Your Photos

back view (1)

Here’s the easiest way I’ve seen of displaying your latest travel snapshots.

The Itzastand is a paper stand that can attach to the back of pictures, invites, holiday cards, announcements, memorabilia. and any other small flat object. Get creative!

You can send an Itzastand with your holiday photo cards so that friends and family can display your beautiful creation during the holidays. With a five pack for under $5, they also make for very affordable stocking stuffers.

Once the holidays are over or you want to display something different,  simply remove the stand and attach it to something else. VOILA! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

For the Ladies: Women’s Adventure Travel Trip

leapWhy not gift your lovely lady a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience? Specializing in small, well-curated and customized trips for women, Women’s Adventure Travel trips have “an empowering and fierce feminine thread throughout, supporting women-owned businesses and celebrating women of influence and distinction in each market, be it a hotelier, a chef, an artisan, a conservationist or a village woman defying the local or global odds.” 2019 features upcoming trips to Peru, Galapagos, Chile, Alaska, Botswana, and more. Remember, you only live once!

For the Kiddos: Little Passports


Little Passports is a Global Adventure (in a box)! What could be more fun for your kids than getting a subscription gift that lasts all year?

Founded in 2009 by two moms with a passion for global citizenship, Little Passports ships millions of educational packages to help inspire kids to learn about their world.


Another great stocking stuffer is the Treemote, a Christmas tree-shaped, wireless remote control that turns holiday lights and decorations on or off from up to 100 feet away. No more crawling in, around or behind the tree (with the risk of toppling it over) or pulling out furniture to plug and unplug the lights. No more digging through the branches or presents trying to find the on/off switch.

But despite its holiday feel, Treemote can be used year-round to turn on and off any difficult-to-reach indoor electrical devices, including ceiling fans, appliances, gaming equipment and more. I like using it to turn on/off my electronics before leaving the house.

Osprey Rolling Transporter 40L


Of course, you’ll need a bag to lug all your holiday goodies to and from your destination, so if you are looking to upgrade your a carryon, look no further than the Osprey Rolling Transporter 40L This high-performing rolling duffel is super durable and designed to go where other packs can’not. If you’re anything like me, you’ve busted a wheel or two trying to lug your stuff along off-the-beaten-path terrains. Made of extra-tough materials and extra-large polyurethane wheels, you can now rest easy on all of your upcoming adventures. I also like the retractable ErgoGrip™ handles and the fact that it works as a carry-on for most airlines.

Zero-Waste Option: Make a Donation

A great zero-waste option for giving this holiday is by making a donation to your loved one’s charity of choice. Find out what’s personal and important to them, and make a meaningful gift that will also benefit others, making it a Win/Win/Win for all! Every year I solicit donations for our Adventure Angels Scholarship Fund, and it’s so great to witness the positive effect it has on young women’s lives.


However you decide to do your gift giving this year…I hope you have a wonderful time sharing presents and most importantly, your presence.


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