The Mining Pioneers of Baja – The Museo de Ruta Plata

The Mining Pioneers of Baja – See the history come to life at The Museo de Ruta Plata (Museum of the Silver Route)

Photo credit: Museo de Ruta Plata

Silver, silver everywhere! It attracted early foreigners seeking “riches” in the late 1800s, and soon southern Baja was on the map. The foreign miners brought in the French and the Chinese to mine this mineral-rich area with large silver veins, and El Triunfo emerged at the heart of this mining industry.

Photo credit: Blue Window World Travel

The first mine was founded in the late 18th century by Manuel de Ocio, and then in 1878 the British El Progreso Mining Company took over the mine and brought prosperity to El Triunfo. History states that El Triunfo was at one point the largest town in the state of Baja California Sur, with a population of over 10,000 people.

Photo credit: Museo de Ruta Plata

Today the ghost town is enjoying a small renaissance, and you can hike through the old mining grounds and view the restored mining “chimney.”

Stop to have coffee and some bread or pastries at Caffé El Triunfo, and make a stop at Bar El Minero in a building over 120 years old where you can enjoy craft beer, house-made artisanal sausages, salads, and local cheeses.

On Sunday around noontime, the culinary chef at Caffé El Triunfo makes a killer paella for visitors.


Photo credit: Museo de Ruta Plata

El Triunfo is easy to find, situated at Km 163 on Highway 1, about 70 miles north of Los Cabos International Airport and 24 miles (48 kilometers) from La Paz. It’s a lovely half day adventure that you can extend with local lodging now available and more hiking trails.

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