Bird is the word at this estuary in San Jose del Cabo

Picture of a bird with a green and blue body and with a yellow head and black beak. Photo by Kelly Dalling on Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Dalling on Unsplash

Located at the southern tip of the peninsula of Baja California, Mexico, the Estero de San José del Cabo is within easy reach from Cabo. It is the only freshwater coastal lagoon in the State of Baja California Sur and a fantastic place to watch birds.

The estuary is also recognized as an important birding area and refuge for birds. In 1994 it was designated a State Ecological Reserve. Bring your binoculars and good Baja bird guide.

The Estero de San José del Cabo is a unique oasis of freshwater marshes with reed beds including cattail, or tule, giant reed, fan palm, date palm, ragweed, and adjacent marshy growth. It is a short walk from the historic downtown of San Jose and is home to more than 100 species of birds, fish, turtles, and other marine animals.

You might see the endangered Belding’s Yellowthroat and Bell’s Vireo. The refuge is an important nesting site for the threatened Least Tern and a stopover site in the migratory route of many waterbirds and shorebird species. Other important bird species in the area include the Gray Thrasher and Xantus’s Hummingbird, Virginia Rail, White-faced and White Ibis, Yellow-crowned and Black-crowned Night-Heron, Green Heron, Least and American Bittern, Snowy and Wilson’s Plover, and Gray Vireo.

It’s a rich biodiverse environment and is said that one of the earliest indigenous Indian tribes of Cabo, known as the Pericus settled in the estuary and survived for many years hunting, fishing and gathering along the estuary.

Walk the path of this lush, green haven and experience the many exotic plants and animals. Perfect spot if you’re into bird watching. Listen to the bird calls, be patient and still, which can be challenging for some of us, and you may see one of these special birds. It’s a beautiful and peaceful oasis and a fresh change from ocean waves and the beach.

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