Play a round at Quivira Golf Club in Cabo Mexico

Be prepared… there are some great scenic golf courses, but few are built on one of the most stunning settings in the world… the tip of the Baja Peninsula – the true Land’s End!

This 18-hole course offers dazzling views and breathtaking drops from tee to fairway. It is where the ocean meets the desert and the mountains. The Quivira property dates back hundreds of years. At the 7th hole, is a castle-like building that is the oldest still standing structure in Los Cabos. This building served as a lighthouse in the early 1900s and was noteworthy enough that it a part of the movie Troy starring Brad Pitt. The lighthouse can be viewed from various vantage points through the course.

 And as far as the golfing… it’s a treat to test out your irons at this Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, opened in 2014. It features sheer granite cliffs; huge windswept dunes; rolling desert foothills; and is just 10 minutes from downtown Cabo. The setting is basically over-the-top gorgeous.

The route to the 5th hole says it all. You will need to catch your breath after dropping your putt at the 600-yard, Par 5, fourth hole. Breath deep because you’re about to have an oxygen rush that goes straight up. The one-mile golf cart ride between the fourth and fifth hole is like no other in the universe. Break out your camera you’ll encounter not one, not two, but three scenic overlooks on your way to the fifth tee box.

Yes, the course offers challenging play for golfers at every skill level and the staff can offer tips and tricks for to enhance or improve your best round. But with this course…it is all about the view!

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