Catchin’ Up

It’s been well over 3 months since my last posting, and I apologize for the delay. To my credit, I was travelling for most of that time (2 months in SE Asia and one week sailing in the USA’s Pacific NW). Add to this my longest bout of writer’s block, and there you have it. The nothingness that has existed in this poor blog of mine.

However, now I am refreshed, and will be happy to catch you up on all of my latest adventures. Like a sponge, I’ve been soaking it all in, and am now ready to squeeze it out for you!

It just goes to show you: sometimes not even Kristen can catch up with Kristen. 🙂

Adventure on!

One thought on “Catchin’ Up

  1. Yeah, where ya been you slacker? We miss our tour guide.

    BTW- Your hair looks good in this one. Did you wash it that day? HA!

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