Happy 800th Anniversary, Cambridge!

Now that is OLD. Makes my upcoming milestone birthday seem like fiddlesticks in comparison!


In honor of the anniversary, I thought I’d share some photos that I took from a fairly recent trip there (2006), and also point out some interesting facts.

Established in 1209 A.D., Cambridge is the 2nd oldest university in the English-speaking world (after Oxford). Affiliates of Cambridge have won a total of 83 Noble laureate prizes, a record. Notable alums include everyone from Lord Mountbatton to Sacha Baron-Cohen (Ali G), Jane Goodall to Nick Hornby, and Desiderius Erasmus to Hugh Laurie.

It was where Charles Darwin developed his theory of natural selection, where they discovered DNA, and developed in vitro fertilization (IVF).


What I loved about the university was how everyone there bikes to/from class, and how every public place (pubs, cafes, restaurants) is full of people studying and conversing. Another thing I learned is that in Cambridge, the punters (as seen in the picture below) push the flat boats from the back end, whereas their colleagues over at Oxford pull the boats from the front end. It is hotly debated which way is better!


On a different trip, I got to attend the famous Boat Race Day in London, which is a crew race between Oxford and Cambridge that’s held every spring. While I can’t actually remember who won (there was drinking starting very early in the day!), it was quite a spectacle on the Thames!

And, yes…my brain is full of useless and random information, which is why they probably didn’t accept me at Cambridge. Humph!

Adventure on,


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