Carolina On My Mind

Recently I was invited to visit Asheville, North Carolina. Even though it was quite a trek from Seattle, how could I pass up an opportunity to check out a new destination and also catch some sunshine and 90+ degree weather?

I took a red-eye flight out of Seattle on Tuesday, landed at 8am in Asheville, and the adventure began!

My gracious host from the Biltmore Estate picked me up at the airport (one of the tiniest I’ve been to), and then took me on a tour of the downtown area. I was rather impressed by the feel of the place…definitely more of a “city” than a “town”. There were tons of cute streets filled with galleries, restaurants, microbreweries, and public parks with water fountains. Because they never tore down the buildings when all the other cities were doing so, Asheville has retained much of its Art Deco architecture.

Basilica of St. Lawrence
Basilica of St. Lawrence

Next up: Inn on Biltmore Estate

Adventure on,


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