15 Photos that Show What Biking in Northumberland Looks Like

This summer I was invited to visit Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. I absolutely loved the city, but even more so, I loved the surrounding countryside. From gorgeous coastlines that beckons with salty views, to barley fields of gold, to forests rich in streams and wildlife, and to countless numbers of sheep and cows at every turn, there’s something truly special about Northumberland.

Fun fact: Northumberland is one of the largest counties in England. It has a total land area of almost 2,000 square miles but a population of only 300,000 people. With only 157 people per square mile, it is by far the least densely populated county in England. In fact – with 1.5 million – there are 5 times as many sheep as people living in Northumberland.

Covering just over 110 km on my bike (80 km on a road bike, 27 miles on an all-terrain mountain bike), I got a really good feel for the place. Cycling along Hadrian’s Wall was really cool…there’s so much history is piled up in this place, it’s hard to keep track of it all. From the Romans, to the Anglo-Saxons, to the Norsemen, to the Normans, and to the Scots, this area was fought upon fiercely for centuries, and bits of it remain in the form of ancient walls, medieval castles, and excavated Viking villages. Cycling past all of this history was wonderful.

But, it also made me thirsty! And, what better way to cool off than popping into a 300-year-old pub for a few pints and some oil & vinegar crisps?

I also enjoyed the British custom of making time for tea and cakes at midday. I never had to say no to cake since I knew I’d be hopping back on the saddle immediately thereafter!

If you’d like to see a part of Britain that doesn’t get a huge amount of tourists, yet packs a good bang for your buck, try a cycling trip to Northumberland. You’ll be spinning and grinning in no time!

How to get there:

United Airlines has direct routes in summer months via Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). In just over 7 hours, you can go from the metropolis of New York City to the quaint town of Newcastle and its surrounding countryside. Do it! Book at www.united.com

How to book a bike tour:

My experience with Saddle Skedaddle was unmatched in professionalism, quality gear, knowledgable and humorous guides, fantastic food, and a whole lot of positive cheering to get me up the hills. I highly recommend. To book, see their web site at https://www.skedaddle.co.uk/

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2 thoughts on “15 Photos that Show What Biking in Northumberland Looks Like

  1. Brilliant Kristen, a great article and photos. The weather looks unusually very good then.

    I hope you are well and have had some down time since your travels. We are still on catch up and a few things going on.

    Best wishes and see you in Alaska maybe!

    David and Alice


    1. Thanks, David and Alice!

      I did have unusually good weather in Newcastle. I was surprised at how much sun I saw!

      I’m still editing my African photos and stories, and I assume you are doing the same?

      Hope to see you both out there “in the wild” again soon! Maybe Alaska?!?!


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