Shakespeare’s Lost Folio Premieres at Seattle’s Jet City Improv

The-Lost-Folio-Site-FacebookSeattle’s Jet City Improv presents the return of The Lost Folio, a fun, funny, fast-paced, improvised version of Shakespeare that’s accessible to anyone. Audience members are invited to add plot twists, character flaws and even join the cast on stage.

This show is 2 parts iambic pentameter and 1 part punk rock. It’s fierce, rowdy and ribald–perfectly Elizabethan but definitely not highbrow. It’s the newest and most exciting comedy (or tragedy) that Shakespeare never wrote.

“The Lost Folio frees Shakespeare from the stuffy confines of snobby, fwah-fwah theatre,” says Phill Arensberg, Director of The Lost Folio. “This show returns to his funny, bawdy, action-packed roots.”

The cast features ensemble members from Jet City Improv and beyond: Belinda Fu, Eli Zavatsky, Elicia Wickstead, Ian Schempp, Kyle Kizzier, Laura Turner, Lindsey Peterson, Mike Christensen, Phill Arensberg and Ryan Miller. The Lost Folio is directed by Phill Arensberg and assistant directed by Rebecca Plett.

Tickets are $12 online on Thursdays and $17 online on Fridays. Last minute tickets are $18 at the door (cash or card). Discounts are available for military, seniors (55+), students and TPS members with ID. Online sales close at 6 pm on the day of the show. Tickets are available now at

The Lost Folio is a part of Jet City Improv Presents, an ongoing series of new ensemble works that present improvised stories complete with sets, costumes, and props like a traditional scripted performance. Despite a more polished appearance, the art and spirit of improvisation still lie at the heart of each performance, and every story is created based on unique suggestions and input provided by the audience.

This show may contain mature themes, but it will not contain mature language. That being said, we won’t turn anyone away based on their age.

Jet City Improv is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that strives to enlighten, educate and entertain audiences through the art of improvisation. The organization performs free comedy shows for children with disabilities and illnesses in Washington and teaches free comedy workshops to homeless and incarcerated youth in Seattle. Now in its 25th year of operation, Jet City Improv employs 5 full-time staff members, 2 part-time staff members and upwards of 50 actors and theater professionals at any point during the course of a production season.

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