“Knowing someone is like listening to music. What attracts us to them is their melody, and as we get to learn who they are, we learn their lyrics. Same happened when I got to know the beautiful Kristen Gill. We were acquaintances before we became friends during our Experience Romania trip. As a Romanian gentleman said, “She is like Summer – cheerful and bright.” With her around, no moment is a dull moment. On the professional front, she represents the shrinking tribe of travel journalists, for whom a story matters over glossiness. A person, who would hang out with locals than going berserk clicking pics. For her, the true essence of travel is to immerse in the local culture and share the stories that are often not visible to the naked eyes. She is a great company and an encyclopedia when it comes to travel journalism. Also, you just can’t keep up with her energy on the dance floor. Even with a broken leg, she’ll beat you hands down. Now let’s hear more from her…”


The most defining travel moment in 2017:

mayo gill

My most defining travel moment this year was a trip I took directly after the TBEX conference in Ireland. Going back to County Mayo, where my Grandpa Gill was born 95 years ago was exhilarating. It’s such a different place now than when he left it to come to the USA and start his family so many years ago. Returning to the region as a seasoned travel writer/blogger helped me come full circle and realize what it means to find “home.”

Most excited for in 2018:

I’m most excited about heading back down to my “happy place” in Baja California Sur, Mexico for six weeks, where I’ll immerse myself in Spanish lessons, swim with whale sharks, watch the gray whale migration, and eat lots of fish tacos. After that, I’ll be excited to see what new places and opportunities arise (plans are in the making).

Travel tip to share:

Put down your darn phone and look up every once in a while. You are guaranteed to have a more meaningful travel experience if you engage in conversation and share your thoughts with the people from the country/culture you are visiting. You never know where a smile and a hello can take you!

Best travel photo of 2017:

giller in pink romania.jpg

I love this picture from a recent trip to Romania because you can see the sheer joy on my face and my sense of wonderment at learning a new culture. I also like that it’s a candid shot and not a selfie, which is rare when I’m usually traveling solo!

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